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BA.net USB Flash Media Player - free

BA.net USB Flash Media Player is a Media-Center complete software appliance. Built in a simple USB Flash Boot package. It is similar to appleTV, but it is free and can run on any old computer, or netbook. It can play any divx, mp4 or avi. with integrated iPhone Remote Control.

  • Can play divx, mpg4, avi, mov and more
  • Web remote control - for iPhone, android
  • Small 180 MBytes Flash boot for USB PenDrives
  • No installation needed - PenDrive contains OS, mPlayer, iRemote
  • Can boot on most netbooks, old notebooks and PCs
  • Can boot on cheap Asus EEE netbook
  • Supported WIFI, Ethernet connectivity
  • Low requirements for CPU and Memory (custom xorg)
  • Fast CPUs can run 720 HD and 1080 HD
  • Enjoy streamed web radio and TV channels

  • Free Download at Wupload - ba.net-flashboot-mplayer-r5.tar (161 MB)



    Boot from
    Flash! new

    BA.net USB Flash Media Player
    free Media Center Software Appliance


    Web Interface mPlayer

    mPlayer Webmin Network Configuration

    mPlayer Webmin System Configuration

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